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Are you a model, photographer, fashion blogger, or other creative type? Here at Atomic Lace we're always looking for new people and companies to work with!
Please read the guidelines under the contact form before messaging us. 

Model: Alexandra Merino   Photo: Alsto Imaging

Collaboration Guidelines

  • Please include in your message links to your work (such as a portfolio or a website), as well as links to your social media sites. If you'd like to email photos or work samples please send them to:
  • We ask that the photos be done in a timely manner (within 1 to 2 months upon receiving items). Some designs may run only for a limited time or are eventually "retired". If photos or other promotions go unfinished for a time this may become the case, and then the completed project may no longer be usable for promotional purposes. 
  • Atomic Lace always gives credit to all involved in a project anywhere it is posted about or wherever photos are used, so it is asked that you do the same. Cross promotioning is a great way to help us all boost each other up and show off our work together! 
  • Atomic Lace loves all creatures big and small and requests that no fur (or other animal products) be used in photos. If these items are used we will be unable to use or promote the photos, articles, etc. that were created.
  • Lastly we are looking to work with people and companies who post frequently and continually. For example that bloggers who post at least weekly on their blog, or people who post regularly on social media. 
  • Please don't let us do all the talking! If you have questions or your own requests send them our way! We like to work with each individual's or company's style and what they're comfortable with! A good relationship works both ways! 

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